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MIME: a new tool for studying the interactions between nucleic acids and their partners in vitro and in cells

le 2 juin 2017
à 11h

Séminaire organisé par le LBPA de Roland Marquet, UPR9002 du CNRS, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Université de Strasbourg

Interactions of RNA or DNA with proteins, small ligands, or nucleic acids  govern most of the fundamental aspects of life, such as replication and gene expression. Identifying the interactions of nucleic acids with ligands and deciphering their molecular basis using classical tools is a fastidious and time-consuming process. We recently developed mutational interference mapping experiments (MIME), a general methodology that identifies the sequences and structural motifs of a nucleic acid involved in simple or complex functions. I will present several examples showing how MIME can be used i) in vitro for recovering quantitative binding parameters and structural information of
RNA/protein interactions, ii) in cells to analyze complex functions such as RNA processing or packaging of viral RNAs, and iii) for be detecting the sequence(s) involved in RNA/RNA interactions in vitro.

Invité par Philippe Fossé (LBPA)

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Type :
Séminaires - conférences
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Campus de Cachan
Amphi Fonteneau (Bâtiment d'Alembert)

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