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The transcription network of genome replication and maintenance


Axes of research

During cellular growth, specific regulatory mechanisms ensure that each daughter cell inherits at least one integral copy of the genome and that division occurs in time with DNA replication. In addition, this control mechanism needs to respond to changes in the growth rate and to possible changes in the rate of genome duplication due to replication fork stalling because of DNA damage or of the presence of inhibitors of replication factory components. Even though most of the genes and protein factors in the DNA replication network, or hyperstructure, have been identified, the specific mechanisms involved in these control processes remain to be described.
Our research aims to define the dynamics of the regulatory networks of these fundamental cellular mechanisms ensuring genome integrity for the next generations. More specifically we are interested in the role of the global regulators of the associated transcription network, including the factors that influence the structure and organization of the nucleoid, such as DNA topology and nucleoid proteins. 


Composition of the team

Bianca Sclavi (researcher CNRS, team leader)

Gladys Mbemba (assistante engineer CNRS)

Ilaria Iuliani (PhD)