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Structure and interactions of nucleic acids

Equipe Olivier Mauffret

The main focus of the team is to decipher structural and biophysical properties that underlie interactions between nucleic acids and proteins. Our molecular mechanism studies benefit from various approaches, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, modeling and a large range of biochemical techniques. 

Axes of research

The three major topics of the team are the followings:
  • Strand transfer processes facilitated by the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein (Philippe Fossé)
  • Intrinsic properties of DNA and nucleosomes (Brigitte Hartmann)
  • Molecular mechanisms of the G-tetrad dissociation by the helicases of the RecQ family (Xuguang Xi)

Olivier Mauffret,  responsible of the team, has a transversal function and is involved in the NMR applications associated to  each of the three axis"

Composition of the team

Olivier Mauffret (Research director, CNRS), team leader

Philippe Fossé (Research director, CNRS)
Brigitte Hartmann (Research director, CNRS)
Brahim Heddi (Researcher, CNRS)
Brigitte René (Researcher, CNRS)
Xu-Guang Xi (Research director, CNRS)
Elisabeth Bugnard (Assistante professor, Paris XI)
Marco Pasi (Assistante professor, ENS)

Loussine Zargarian (Research engineer, CNRS)

Cel Areny-Naves (PhD)
Anissa Belfetmi (PhD)
Romain Retureau (PhD)