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Structural Biology of Small GTPases

Structural Biology of small GTPases

Summary of Research

Our aim is to understand the molecular reactions that govern the functions of small GTPases of the Arf, Rab and Rho families in cellular traffic and cytoskeleton dynamics in normal cells and in diseases.

We use X-ray crystallography to determine the atomic structures of these proteins and their regulators and biochemical methods to analyze their interactions with other proteins and with membranes.

Our recent results describe the activation of small GTPases by guanine nucleotide exchange factors involved in cancers, bone diseases and infections, and their inhibition by small chemical inhibitors with therapeutic potential.

The Grand Prix Emile Jungfleich from the Academy of Sciences has been awarded to Jacqueline Cherfils in October 2019

More on the Academy of Sciences Website here and the ENS Paris-Saclay Website here

Composition of the team

Jacqueline Cherfils (Research Director CNRS), principal investigator

Mahel Zeghouf (Researcher CNRS)
Gérald Peyroche (Assistant Professor, ENS Paris-Saclay)
Marie-Hélène Kryszke (Assistant Professor, ENS Paris-Saclay)
Jorge Navaza (Research Director CNRS, emeritus, from Argentina)
Yann Ferrandez (Researcher, ENS Paris-Saclay)
Agata Nawrotek-Maalouf (Postdoc)
Loïc Moubri (Research Engineer)
Candice Sartre (PhD student)
Pavlina Dubois (PhD student)


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