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Merci de nous rendre visite! Thank you for visiting us!

NEW PUBLICATION! Cherfils J. & Navaza J. On the explicit use of experimental images in high resolution cryo-EM refinement (2019) F1000Research 8:665 open access here

NEW PUBLICATION! Sztul E.,  Chem PW, Casanoca JE, Cherfils J, Dacks J, Lambright D, Lee FJ, Randazzo PA, Santy L, Schürmann A, Wilhelmi I, Yohe ME, Kahn RA. Arf GTPases and their GEFs and GAPs: Concepts and Challenges. (2019) Molecular Biology of the Cell 30 1249-1271.

FELICITATIONS! Raphaël est né le jour de la St Valentin! Félicitations à Yann et à la maman de ce beau bébé!

CONFERENCE! Jacqueline gave a talk at the "Membrane Biophysics of Exo-Endocytosis" meeting in Mandelieu la Napoule 3-6 April 2019.

A LA UNE! Simon's article on "A Ca2+-regulated deAMPylation switch in human and bacteria FIC proteins" in Nature Communications highlighted as "Article of the month" by the Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire (SFBBM)!

BIORXIV! Our manuscript on "MglA functions as a three-state GTPase to control movement reversals of Myxococcus xanthus" has been posted on bioRxiv

A LA UNE! Our article by Veyron et al. in Nature Communications is headlined by the CNRS.

NEW PUBLICATION! Our article on "A Ca2+-regulated deAMPylation switch in human and bacteria FIC proteins" is now live in Nature Communications

A LA UNE! Our article in Nature Chemical Biology is headlined by the CNRS.

NEW PUBLICATION! Our article on "PH-domain-binding inhibitors of nucleotide exchange factor BRAG2 disrupt Arf GTPase signaling" by Nawrotek et al. is now live on the Nature Chemical Biology website

CONFERENCE! Jacqueline gave a talk at the PSL Symposium on Chemical Biology in Paris (17-18 January 2019)

WELCOME! Candice Sartre joined our lab in January 2019
for her M2 intership


NEW PUBLICATION! Our article on "Small GTPase peripheral binding to membranes: molecular determinants and supramolecular organization" by Frnaçois Peurois et al. is now live on the website of the Biochemical Society Transactions.

FAREWELL! Simon has started a post-doc in Montreal! Best of luck Simon! François has obtained as ATER position at the Sorbonne University! Best of luck François!

Simon and François with Gérald

CONGRATS! December 2018. Yann Ferrandez has obtained an ENS Paris-Saclay researcher position in the lab!

CONFERENCE! 5-8 November 2018. Jacqueline gave a talk at the Conference of the French Biophysicial Society in Carry-le-Rouet.

WELCOME! Novembre 2018. Niels Dutrievoz, Kevin Gateau and Aude Jalon, from the L3 of the ENS Paris-Saclay, did their intership in the lab.

Kevin and Niels with Livia
Aude and Marie-Hélène

WELCOME! November 2018. Elodie Baelen joined our lab as research engineer!

THESIS DEFENSE! Congratulations François! (12 October 2018)

Many thanks to François Peurois thesis committee for a great discussion! From left to right: Pr Sylvie Nessler (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay), Dr Rodolphe Fishmeister (INSERM, Châtenay-Malabry), Dr Bruno Antonny (IMPC, Sofia-Antipolis), Dr Anne Blangy (CRBM, Montpellier), Dr Cathy Jackson (IJM, Paris). Center: Jacqueline, Dr François Peurois, Gérald

CONFERENCE! 23-28 September 2018. We were at the FASEB Conference on Small GTPases in Membrane Processes, organized by Marino Zerial and Nava Segev in Leesburg, VA Virginia

Jacqueline gave a talk and Mahel presented a poster

SEMINAR! 20 September. Jacqueline gave a seminar at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Illinois, Chicago, invited by Pr. Nava Segev.

FAREWELL! August 2018. Wenhua Zhang is starting his own lab at the University of Lanzhou in China. Congrats and best of luck Wenhua!

From left to right: Ellyn, Wenhua, François, Yann, Lurlène, Noelia, Christian

NEW PUBLICATIONS! We collaborated with the Russinova lab (VIB, Gent Belgium) and with the Friml lab (Austria) on the characterization of inhibitors of plant ArfGEFs. The articles are now live on the website of The Plant Cell. Article 1. Article 2.

CONFERENCE! We were at at the Biochemical Society Conference on "Small G Proteins in Signalling and Disease" organized by Darerca Owen and Helen Mott at Clare College, Cambrige, UK (8-12 July 2018).
Jacqueline gave a talk and Mahel and Marie-Hélène presented posters.

GTPASE party, GTPase pastry. July 2018.

CONFERENCE! Jacqueline gave a talk at the DYNAMOPPI workshop on Dynamics and Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions in Nantes (28 May 2018)

CONFERENCE! Jorge gave a talk on electron microscopy at the "30 Years of Crystallography in Barcelona" meeting in Barcelona (Spain) (May 2018).

SEMINAR! Jacqueline gave a seminar at the Centro de Investigación del Cáncer in Salamanca (Invitation Xosé Bustelo, May 2018)

WELCOME! Livia Tepshi joined the lab in May 2018.

Livia obtained her PhD in 2017 at the CEA in Saclay, where she worked on a retrograde transport inhibitor .

CONFERENCE! François Peurois gave a talk at the Young Researchers in Life Sciences Conference in Paris (May 4th 2018).

Jacqueline's profile is on SBGrid Member Tales !

WELCOME! Ellyn Renou joined our lab in April 2018

Ellyn est ingénieure diplômée de l'Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), promotion 2017 en Génie Biologique filière Conception et Innovation de Bioproduits. Bienvenue!


ENS PARIS-SACLAY! Our future building (March 2018)!

GOODBYE! Ilham Ladhid has found a new position at the Institut Curie starting in April 2018.

From left to right: Noelia, Gérald, Jacqueline, Mahel, Lurlène, François, Ilham, Simon, Yann, Christian. Wenhua and Marie-Hélène are missing from the photo.

BIOPHYSICS WEEK! We participated in this event organized by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and high school students from Aranjuez on "Women in Science, Women in Biophysics" (12-16 March 2018).

CONFERENCE! Mahel Zeghouf and François Peurois gave talks at "From Molecules and Cells to Human Health: ideas and concepts", 5-9 Mars 2018, IHES Bures-sur-Yvette

NEW PUBLICATION! Our review on "FIC proteins: from bacteria to human and back again" by Veyron S., Peyroche G. and Cherfils J. is now live in free access on the website of Pathogens and Disease

BIOPHYSICS! Jacqueline gave a talk at the Symposium on Biophysics of lipid-modified GTPases at the 62nd meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco (Feb 2018).

Two positions are open immediately:
Assistant ingénieur in molecular biology and recombinant protein production
Post-doc in integrated structural biology of small GTPases
Both positions are funded by the Institut National du Cancer until December 2018 and can be renewed. Contacts us at to learn more.

BIOPHYSICS! The European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA) executive committee met in January 2018.

The meeting took place at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti in Venice. A painting by Tintoretto (1518-1594) in the meeting room!

CONFERENCE! Christian Galicia gave a talk at the 13th SOLEIL Users' Meeting (Januanry 2018)


GOOD MEMORIES! Le Livre d'Or  du LEBS / The goldbook of LEBS
Livre Or LEBS

Le Livre d'Or (goldbook) du Laboratoire d'Enzymologie garde le souvenir des collègues et amis qui ont donné un séminaire au Laboratoire d'Enzymologie de 1975 à 2014. Agrandissez l'image pour voir si votre nom y figure / Blow up the photo to see if you were there!

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