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Molecular and cellular pharmacology of cancers

Dans le laboratoire de biologie moléculaire

Axes of research

Our research effort is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating the malignant transformation, the tumor phenotype maintenance and the tumor invasion, developing new technologies for drug discovery and applying the knowledge so obtained for the design of new cancer treatments.

Our research strategy is based first of all upon the study of mechanisms of tumor invasion and resistance to apoptosis. This includes: i) Basic differential genomic investigations using sarcoma and epithelial cancer models aiming to identify genes responsible for invasive malignant phenotype. ii) The characterisation of malignant phenotypes in terms of specific tumor antigens expression? iii) The investigation of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) adhesion in connexion with actin cytoskeleton organisation. iv) - The study of signalling pathways involved in cell proliferation and apoptosis resistance such as IGF axis, c-Kit axis, integrin-IP3K-AKT axis, Fas/FasL-BTK (Bruton tyrosine kinase) pathway, TCTP (Translationally controlled tumor protein-Mcl1 and p53-SIAH-1.
The translational researches are conducted in close collaboration with various partners including Institut Gustave Roussy, Institut Curie, Necker hospital as well as with biopharmaceutical companies specialized in research and development of new treatments for malignant diseases which give ultimately access to preclinical development and to clinical trials.
Linked to the aforementioned basic investigations, we have developed translational research whose objective is to develop new strategy for cancer treatment.
This includes :

Drug discovery programs :
  • Developpement of tyrosine kinases inhibitors targeting wild type and mutated c-kit receptor, wild type and mutated RET receptor and BTK.
  • Identification of off target molecules promoting tumor reversion including TCTP inhibitors.
  • Identification of actin dynamics modulators promoting tumor reversion.
  • Involvement of mast cells in tumor invasion process.


Composition of the team

Jean-Marc Ricort (professor, ENS Cachan), team leader

Michel Arock (professor, ENS Cachan)
Uriel Hazan (professor, ENS Cachan)
Marie Frugier-Regairaz (assistant professor, ENS)
Thierry Tchenio (researcher, Inserm)

Marylin Havard (technician, CNRS)
Christine Legay  (engineer ENS)

Ilige Youssef (PhD student, MRT)
Caroline Spasojevic (PhD student)


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