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Dynamics of macromolecular complexes

Robot pipeteur pour la plateforme biosenseur

Axes of research

The proprietary surface chemistry developed by the group significantly reduces non-specific binding and provide a wide range of chemical anchor sites for covalent binding of biological molecules. This approach is being used by the group to study the dynamics of macromolecular interactions with impacts on health sciences ranging from autoimmune diseases through the regulation of gene expression to cancerology.

Composition of the team

Claude Nogues (researcher CNRS), team leader

Malcolm Buckle (research director CNRS)
David Perahia, (research director emerit CNRS)
François Dautry (research director emerit CNRS)
Michael Tovey (research director emerit Inserm)

Stéphanie Vial (IE CDD)

Henryk Laszewski (PhD)